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From: daved1986hotmail.com
Subject: Fooling With Friends - 4I know this has taken a while but give me a break ok. I been a bit sex preteen naturist sick and
then had to catch up on some work for school.Here, finally is chapter 4. I hope you like preteen upskirt pussy it a lot. Write to me if you do
and I will be encouraged to write some more. Love Bean.
daved1986hotmail.comFooling with friends
Chapter 4So Justin asked if he could borrow the phone to start ringing people up
that he knew would like to party in our sort of style. He rang Peter and
David first, because you don't ring Peter and not ring David. Those 2 don't
go anywhere without each other.Then the next one he rang shocked me. When the phone answered at the other
end, he said, "Hello, can I speak to Kyle please"?"Hello, Kyle? you know that guy on the bus that you been telling me about,
well he's up to the sort of fun that you and I like. Yeah, do you want to
come to his place for a sort of party tonight?""Sure here is preteen stories bbs the address and see you about 7 or so. Ok bring some coke...
oh cya".Man oh man; Kyle was coming to my party. Shit, what will I wear? Shit, I
need to have a shower. My God... KYLE. I grabbed Justin and started to
wrestle with him. "You never told me you knew Kyle!!!""He He He.... We are in the same scout group dewd. Sorry I didn't tell you,
but I wanted to see how you would preteen asian stories act before I let you in on it. Whenever
we are camping with the scouts, Kyle and me share a tent and that's how I
learned to jack and suck and everything with him. Kyle has had his eye on
you for ages; I didn't know you liked him too. HE HE HE."So while I was in the shower, Justin rang a lot of other kids that he knew
that like this kind of fun. I showered well, put deodorant on and some of
my dad's mystical aftershave. I picked out the nicest pair of undies I had
and then put long shorts over them with a shirt candid preteens underwear that was easy to take off
in a hurry. I slipped on my church shoes, you know, the ones that you don't
have laces to undo, and I think I looked ready.I came out to ask Justin's opinion and he went, "whoa dewd. Good look, but
I think it would look better if you do this."And with japanese nonnude preteen that he walked right up close to me, looked me in the eye and
reached out with his hand and.... did my zip up. Oh man was I embarrassed.The guys started to arrive at 7 and pretty soon there was about 10 guys
ranging in age from 12 to about 16. That's how old I think Phillip is, all
dancing around to the sounds of Human nature, Backstreet Boys and others in
the lounge room. There was plenty to drink and eat, cause everybody who
came brought something with them.Pretty soon, I couldn't find Nathan and Peter. candid preteens underwear
I went searching and found
them in my mum and dads room. Thankfully they had thought to put towels on
top of the sheets, so if it did get a bit messy, they could easily clean
it. I was wondering what David would say when I japanese nonnude preteen told him that I had just
seen Peter with one hot dewd named Nathan. But before I could wonder too
long, I looked in my room to see David sucking Jeffrey off. I didn't even
know Jeffrey was here! Man maybe I should describe some of these guys for
you.Nathan stands about 5'9 and weighs about 120. He is all muscle. Blonde with
just a hint of hair starting to grow up to his belly button, which looks so
yummy. He has some under his arms too and he can smile like nobody can. I
bet he could talk his mum into driving him anywhere anytime. Jeffrey
however, is quite different. He is 12 and has the reddest hair you have
ever seen. And he has so many freckles that you can't count. This is the
first time I ever got to see his dick cause he is in the year below us, so
we don't preteens nudists
have the same gym class. His dick is pencil thin but when I saw
it, it was as hard as a pencil too. He is not cut and has a long
foreskin. He was hard but still most of the head was inside the skin. Bet
he has to pull it back by himself to expose the head.David is 13 and has brown hair and brown eyes too. He has the biggest brown
nipples on a guy I ever saw. And when he gets excited they stand out
straight. I've seen him with his shirt off a lot. When we play footy down
at the park it is always shirts against skins, preteen girls undergarments
and somehow David always
ends up on the skins side. Wonder if that is intentional. Maybe he loves to
show off his beautiful chest. I love seeing him sweat. Man I got to stop
thinking about it or I will be in my room like a shot, pushing Jeffrey 12yr old preteen off
and doing stuff to David myself, and I really offhost preteen want to keep myself for Kyle.Peter has black hair, he is 15 and his skin is very white and very smooth.
He reminds me of those soap ads on telly that you see the woman is rubbing
the soap all over her arms and showing how it makes the skin so smooth. I
don't know how he and David got teamed up. Probably cause they were always
playing footy down at the park with the rest of us.Anyway back to that night. It seemed like a lot of the guys had teamed up
and gone into different areas of the house. The music was blaring sex preteen naturist and when
I went to the lounge, there was Kyle and Justin just sitting on the lounge
and drinking coke and talking. I was going to leave them to it and get
myself a drink when they looked up and saw me standing there. Justin
invited me to sit down and I did, next to Kyle.Kyle looked right into my eyes and said," I was top preteens sex
hoping that one day, you might get up the nonude preteen panty courage to ask me some
things, but you never did. No matter, here I am and I am all yours".And with that he put down his drink, put his hands on either side of my
head and leaned forward to kiss me right on the lips, long and
hard. Man. Was I in heaven. I took Kyle by the hand and led him to my
room. I told Jeffrey and David that I needed my room and could they go into
the den. So they stopped kissing and picked up their clothes and went,
leaving us alone.I gently turned Kyle around so I could look right into his eyes and smile.
He smiled back and my heart melted completely. We kissed again, this time I
let my mouth open so his tongue could explore my mouth further. Kyle also
opened his mouth and allowed my tongue entry past his teeth. At the same
time, we were both reaching to remove each other's shirts. No problem
getting mine off, but Kyle's had to come off over his head. We tried to do
this without breaking the kiss, but found it a bit impossible and so we
took a breather and giggled at each other.I then put my arms around Kyle and he did to me too, and we hugged chest to
chest while kissing deep and long. I could feel the heat that this
beautiful creature was emanating and could feel his heart beat through his
chest and into mine.We then went for each other's pants, getting the fasteners undone and
pulling the zips down. I was able to then run my hands right down Kyle's
back and land my preteens naturist
hands on his beautiful butt. Oh man how long I have wanted
to do that. Kyle was too busy exploring the front of my underwear and what
they held for him to worry about my butt. He pushed my shorts to the floor
and then went for my underwear. He put his fingers inside either side of
them and pushed them down. As he was pushing down, he released my lips from
their embrace with his and started to kiss all the way down my body.His tongue made a trail down my neck and onto my left nipple where Kyle
sucked greedily. I was thinking about how a baby sucks milk and thinking
Kyle, you ain't gonna get no milk there but don't stop trying. Eventually
he gave up and continued his journey down my body till he reached my belly
button. He licked all around it as if it were filled with chocolate and
then made his was further down.All the while I was just standing there with my hands on his shoulders,
moaning about how great it japanese nonnude preteen felt. Now my hands moved to his soft hair as he
started to lick all around my dick and balls. His tongue was like that of a
lizard the way it barely touched my skin, then he would draw it in and kiss
the spot that he just licked. I was eager that he would suck me very soon,
or I would cum all over that gorgeous body of his. I was not disappointed
as I soon watched and felt my dick disappear into his hungry mouth.Kyle's mouth was like a vacuum, sucking me right in and wanting more than I
could possible give. I started to move my hips forward and back in time
with the rhythm that he set by moving back and forward on my dick. With
time, Kyle stopped and waited until I had gotten back under control so I
wouldn't shoot just yet.I gently pulled Kyle back to his feet and removed his underpants too. He
was wearing light blue briefs, which looked a bit too small for him. Made
him look bigger in the penis department too. He had a fair amount of hair
poking out the top and I was glad I polish preteen model was finally able to see the jackpot
prize of the night. His dick was shorter than mine but had a nice girth to
it. It was lovely and cut just right. It was darker than the rest of his
skin and was very soft to touch.I pulled Kyle across the room to my bed and lay down on top. I had Kyle lay
beside me and then I rolled over so now I was lying on top of him. Our
dicks and balls met and so did our mouths. We kissed deeply again and then
I started to make my way down his body. I knew what I wanted more than
ever. I wanted for him to fuck me, but I didn't know if he would. I was
going to find out as fast preteen childfuck pics as I could.I started to suck this preteen girls undergarments God but the last thing I wanted was for him to cum
yet so I took breaks so he wouldn't cum. I then manouvered myself into a
position that my asshole was in his face. He took the hint and began to
lick all around the hole and even poking his tongue right in there. Oh man
that was even better than it was when Justin did it to me yesterday. Was it
only yesterday? WOW. What a weekend I was having.I made a point of turning around so my ass was positioned just right above
his saliva-covered dick. I lowered myself gently onto his
dick. OOOOOOHHHHHH he moaned. And I echoed his moan as his dick entered my
virgin hole. It felt like he was gonna rip me apart but I loved the feeling
of Kyle inside of me. When he was all the way inside, I leaned forward
gently and kissed him lightly on the lips. He grabbed me by the back of the
head and kissed me more deeply to satisfy the need within him. With that
kiss, it signalled something within him and he started to buck hard and
fast, getting as much dick inside me as he could, then raising me off and
then ramming it back in. I could tell he was just about to cum and then my
instincts proved correct as he screamed out in absolute release. I held on
for my life as a flood of cum filled my ass and started to leak out and
down his dick.We both lay in each other's arms for what seemed like the longest time, and
then he started to sing to me. It was not a song I knew and so I propped
myself up on one elbow just to watch as he sung looking directly into my
eyes. It was a song that talked about love on the deepest level and how
these two people in the song would be together forever now that they had
found each other.When he finished singing, I said, "That was the most beautiful song I have
ever heard". Kyle them leaned over and top preteens sex kissed me gently and said, " I am
so glad you liked it, I wrote it just for you". I kissed him again and gave
him the warmest hug a boy could give to another.Kyle then said that he better be heading home as he was supposed to be home
by 11pm.I helped him dress and he helped me. I made sure that I got his phone
number and address and promised that we would spend many weekends at each
other's house.Kyle said that if we wanted to spend more time preteens nudists together, then I should join
the scouts too, so that when we went camping, he and Justin and me could
all share a tent and have some wild times. I agreed to ask my parents if I
could and we made our way to the lounge room.We had to hop over a number of boys in all kinds of positions just japanese nonnude preteen to get
to the lounge room. I was kinda wondering what Justin had been doing all
the time I was in the bedroom with Kyle. When I reached the lounge room I
found out. For there was Justin sitting on the lounge with his pants around
his ankles and Mr Johnson from across the street at his feet with his head
buried in Justin's crotch. It seemed that while we were having fun in the
bedroom, Mr Johnson had come across to see preteen stories bbs what the loud music was. Since
he knew my parents were away and I was supposed to be on my own.Mr Johnson had been greeted by Justin opening the door and asked where I
was. Justin had told him I was busy in the bedroom, Mr Johnson proceeded to
walk towards the hallway that the bedrooms ran off. There he came to see
Peter and Nathan in my parent's room doing what 2 boys would be doing if
they were gay and horny.He turned around and before he could preteen xx model say a word, Justin kisses him right on
the lips. That's when he brought him back to the lounge and the fun
started."Hello Mr Johnson". I said. "I see you have met Justin, he is staying over
this weekend"."Wha....", said Mr Johnson and looked up to see about 6 boys watching him
as he devoured Justin's dick."Well, hi Ben. I guess if we clean up well, your parents won't know
anything about a party being here at all".So one by one the guys went home. nyde preteen models
Some with sore dicks, some with sore
asses but all with the parting comments that this had been the best party
yet.Mr Johnson asked if he could stay the night, but we declined his offer and
Justin and I climbed into bed. Mr Johnson promised to come back in the
morning to help us clean up before my parents got home and to see Justin
before he had to go.This has been the best weekend of my life so far, but now that I am going
to join the scouts with Justin and Kyle, I am sure there will be many more
memories for me to cherish.THE ENDplease write and let me know what you think. Daved1986hotmail.com
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